At Deja Vegan, we offer a large selection of exclusive vegan snacks and vegan products. We offer very competitive Drop Shipping services that will save you money and time. Deja Vegan has been in business since 2016 and has shipped over 500,000 packages up-to-date.

Our Drop-Ship program has been very popular among internet retailers!

Drop shipping Pros

  • No storage room required. You don't have to fill up your living room with stock and packing materials!
  • No shipping costs getting stock delivered from the distributor. Drop shipping means you don't have to pay a carrier to bring stock from the distributor to your own storage area, which can mean big savings in the long term.
  • Spend more time on other areas of your business. You don't have to organize the packing and postage system, nor do you have to drive to the post shop each day to post your packages. This gives you a significant increase in time to spend on other tasks such as marketing and communicating with customers.
  • No packaging required. You save money by not having to order and store packaging materials.

Our dropship program is quite simple. here's the step-by-step:

1. Customer places an order on your website

2. You send us an email with the quantity, product and customer's shipping address

3. We charge your credit card (via PayPal)

4. We ship the product out to the customer (without the invoice) and send you the tracking number so you can pass it along to the customer

Contact us to start dropshipping through our vegan dropship program source today!

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