Variety Pack: Original Flavor & Blueberry Banana Pinole | 2/9.7oz Bags


? Vegan ? Gluten-Free ? non-Gmo ? Protein ? Free Shipping 
  • 2/9.7oz Bags (1 original + 1 banana blueberry)
  • High protein to help build muscle
  • Free radical fighting antioxidants to boost immunity
  • Potassium and support for balanced blood sugar
  • Sustaining energy source Gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, vegan
  • Powerful antioxidants for improved cell health and recovery
  • Gluten-free and all plant-based ingredients make pinole perfect for any dietary plan
  • Made in the United States using traditional techniques and certified non-GMO ingredients.



If you’ve heard of pinole (pronounced pih-nol), it’s probably because of the Tarahumara Indians – a near mythical tribe that lives deep in the Copper Canyons of Mexico and who were popularized in the book Born to Run. The Tarahumara are considered the world’s greatest endurance athletes because of their ability to run hundreds of miles non-stop – seriously. Plus, they have virtually no incidence of modern day disease. Their fuel of choice? Pinole. Pinole

? Vegan ? Gluten-Free ? non-Gmo ? Protein ⚕️ Potassium ? Free Shipping

Original Flavor Pinole Ingredients
Pinole (Roasted Purple Maize, Fair Trade Cacao, Cinnamon, Peak Protein, Organic Blue Agave (Inulin fiber, Organic Cane Sugar, Allspice, Rice Extract, Rice Concentrate, Sea Salt

Blueberry Banana Pinole IngredientsPinole (Roasted Purple Maize, Fair Trade Cacao, Cinnamon) Peak Protein, Organic Blue Agave (Inulin fiber), Organic Cane Sugar, Dried Sweetened Wild Blueberries, Dried bananas, Natural Flavor, Allspice, Rice Extract, Rice Concentrate, Sea Salt