Original Flavor Pinole Case Pack | 6/9.7oz Bags


? Vegan ? Gluten-Free ? non-Gmo ? Protein ? Free Shipping 
  • 6/9.7oz Bags ($6.41/bag)
  • Original old world recipe used for hundreds of years!
  • 7g of protein (20g+ prepared with vegan milk!) and 7g of fiber per serving offer a healthy, balanced start to your morning
  • Powerful antioxidants for improved cell health and recovery
  • Pure, fair-trade cacao boosts circulation and heart health, while spices and organic blue agave accent pinole’s wholesome flavor and hearty fiber
  • Stay fueled for whatever the day brings
  • Gluten-free and all plant-based ingredients make pinole perfect for any dietary plan
  • Made in the United States using traditional techniques and certified non-GMO ingredients.



We believe where your food comes from matters. Here at Deja Vegan, we are on a mission to create healthy, delicious products that are better for you—and the planet. To do this, we bring you Purely Pinole, an ancient power food created by the Aztecs and Mayans. Enjoyed for centuries throughout Central and South America but nearly lost today, we are the first to introduce pinole to the US – the way it was hundreds of years ago – packed with premium nutrients and energy sustaining power.

Power your adventures with a delicious bowl of our Original pinole, packed with nutrients to boost energy and keep you feeling full longer.

How to serve: To prepare as a hot cereal: Dissolve Pinole in vegan milk (almond milk works great!), heat for 2-3 minutes and enjoy! Use it in a smoothie: Add 2-3 spoonfuls to your favorite smoothie for added protein, nutrients, and flavor. All natural.

? Vegan ? Gluten-Free ? non-Gmo ? Protein ? Free Shipping

IngredientsPinole (Roasted Purple Maize, Fair Trade Cacao, Cinnamon, Peak Protein, Organic Blue Agave (Inulin fiber, Organic Cane Sugar, Allspice, Rice Extract, Rice Concentrate, Sea Salt