More Vegan Resources for Level 2 Vegans

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Knowledge is power. Having the right resources can be the difference between successfully leading a vegan lifestyle or struggling and sometimes failing. Eating tips, health and nutrition information and even figuring out which clothing and shoe brand are vegan friendly can be easy to find, but overwhelming as well. Here are some great resources for anyone currently living a vegan lifestyle or thinking about it.


Deja Vegan

A collection of gourmet vegan snacks is what you will find in this online vegan shop. You'll find top seller chips, puffs, popcorn, bars and oatmeal! This website runs a fundraising program in parallel by contributing a portion of their profits to animal donations worldwide. 

Happy Cow

This website provides a huge online directory of vegetarian and vegan friendly grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels. It has listings for places all over the globe, which makes this a particularly great resource if you are traveling. You can read reviews, chek hours, get directions and see photos.


When someone becomes vegan they are typically surprised to learn that many things contain animal products that they never would have suspected, alcoholic drinks is no exception to this. Cream and honey are found in some liquors and beers, while egg whites and shells are used to purify drinks. This website has a great list of which drinks are vegan friendly.

The Vegan Society

Donald Watson is the person who created the term Vegan almost 100 years ago. He also founded The Vegan Society. This organisation has a fantastic website which is filled with tons of information. Here you can read up on topics like vegan nutrition and the history of veganism. Great resources for food shopping as a vegan. It also has some amazing recipes. If there is a question about being vegan that you can’t find an answer to online you can email them and they are usually more than happy to help.

Shoes, Clothing, & Accessories:

Vegan Lifestyles:

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