Your Guide to Road Tripping as a Vegan

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guide to a vegan road trip

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It's easier than you think to become a compassionate road warrior. Whether you're going on a road trip or flying out somewhere, here's a few tricks and tips to get you on your way!

We wanted to get you the best information, so we found that PETA has amazing tips for vegan road tripping! Deja Vegan also came up recommended in their post for healthy vegan snacks!

Tip #1: Pack Your Snacks

Pack your vegan snacks

When you're travelling, life on the road can be very exciting and sometimes exhausting! So you’ll want to stock up on the healthiest vegan snacks that give you energy without overdoing it on the calories. We suggest veggies and hummus dip, dried fruit, celery sticks with peanut butter, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, fresh fruit, vegan chips, vegan puffs, vegan bars and vegan cookies! If you want something more traditional, mix your fruit and peanut butter with oatmeal and your choice of vegan milk!

Tip #2: Take a Couple Tools With You

If there's space in your car, pack some essentials: plates, bowls, utensils and maybe even a cooler. This will be super helpful trust me!

Tip #3: Treat Yourself to a Nice Restaurant!

Most restaurants serve vegan options! Look for falafel sandwiches, veggie burritos, and marinara pasta sauce. And some veggie burgers and sandwiches can be “veganized.” Just ask your server to hold the cheese.

Tip #4: If You're Not Fasting, Don't Skip Breakfast

I know some of you aren’t morning people, let alone breakfast people, but listen up! Eating healthy carbs when you wake up can help keep you feeling good throughout the day.

Tip #5: Did Somebody Say Lunch Special?

vegan app

Many restaurants offer lunch specials, so if possible, plan to arrive at your destination at lunchtime. The HappyCow vegetarian restaurant app is great for looking up the best vegan establishments wherever you’re going. In fact, there are many vegan apps that can help make traveling vegan easier.

Tip #6: Pack Your Personal Care Products

As you know, being compassionate isn’t just about choosing not to eat animals and animal-derived foods. It also means that you avoid personal-care brands that support cruel animal tests and include gross ingredients in their formulas. Be sure to pack all your cruelty-free goodies so that you don’t needlessly spend money re-buying them on the road.

Tip #7: Have an Animal Friendly Trip!

Vegan roadtrip

There are many ways to help animals while road tripping, like letting hotels know that down comforters are cruel or rocking an animal rights bumper sticker on your car. Here are some more ideas to up the animal ante on your trip.

And last but not least, if you’re traveling with your beloved pooch, here’s some helpful information about animal-friendly accommodations.

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