How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle and Eat Better Without Struggle

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If you want to improve all areas of your life the best thing you can do for yourself is making sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle and eating right. Doing both of these things will ensure that you are feeling great both physically and mentally.

The basics of eating healthy are making sure that you are eating real food and have a low carbohydrate diet. Real food means that you are avoiding unnatural foods that have been processed and have artificial ingredients. You will want to avoid sugar as much as possible. Not only does this add unnecessary carbohydrates to your meals, but it also has been linked to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Trans fats are another thing you will want to stay away from. These are chemically modified fats that are found in many types of foods.

Finally, it is recommended to give up or significantly reduce all foods containing any kind of animal meat or animal byproducts . Ingesting those types of things have been linked to many types of diseases as well as inflammation throughout the body.

So what kind of foods are okay for you to eat? Fruits and vegetables are a great choice, as well as nuts, seeds, and legumes. Start by replacing one meal a day each week. For breakfast instead of having eggs and bacon, choose something healthy like a bowl of fruit or Deja Vegan’s roasted hazelnut & dominican cacao oatmeal cup. For lunch instead of a ham and cheese sandwich have a veggie wrap with some light vinaigrette dressing. For dinner a large salad can be particularly enjoyable!

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there are many changes you can make. If you're eating healthy, you're 60% already there! The icing on the cake would be to try to make sure you get a minimum of 15-20 minutes of exercise a day. While it might seem impossible to fit 20 minutes of physical activity into an already hectic schedule, it can be done with some ease. Instead of driving to a local store, walk. Try to include your family as well. A family walk around the neighborhood after dinner will be much more productive for everyone instead of sitting around the living room playing on cell phones!

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