How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle and Eat Better Without Struggle

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Healthy Lifestyle Deja Vegan

Share this Post If you want to improve all areas of your life the best thing you can do for yourself is making sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle and eating right. Doing both of these things will ensure that you are feeling great both physically and mentally. The basics of eating healthy are making sure that you … Read More

Here’s a List of Snacks That Are Accidentally Vegan

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deja vegan accidental

Share this Post Living a vegan lifestyle is very rewarding both physically and mentally, although it does have its downsides. The biggest of those is constantly trying to find vegan friendly meals and snacks. This is especially true if you are traveling or live in an area without access to some of the more well known health food stores. Thankfully … Read More

Travelling Outside of the USA? Here are Some Physical and Online Vegan Stores to Explore!

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Vegan Snacks Store

Share this Post One of the great things about living in the United States is that more and more stores are starting to carry vegan products. Chances are you can go to your local grocery store and find at least a small selection. What happens if you are traveling to another country on vacation, or perhaps if you live in … Read More

My New Favorite Gluten-Free Homemade Meal

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Sweet potato millet patties deja vegan

Share this Post One of the benefits of writing a blog is that I come across tons of healthy recipes. I’m allergic to Gluten so I mostly look for gluten-free meals!  The snacks we carry on dejavegan are all gluten-free and healthy options! But I do recommend having a balanced diet and eating other stuff.  My new favorite gluten-free vegan … Read More

Things to Know Before Going Vegan

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Going vegan is one of the best choices you can make for your life. You’ll feel healthier, you will be helping animals and the planet, and you’ll get to experience all sorts of new foods you might not have otherwise tried. There are some important things you should know before taking that big step though. Your body is used to … Read More