Gourmet Vegan Bars That Promote Your Healthy Lifestyle

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Everyone loves a good snack.  Regardless of preference, we all can appreciate the pleasure that a delicious morsel brings to the senses.  There may be many reasons why one may choose to avoid certain snacks altogether; allergies, dietary restrictions, and nutrition. When you can find the perfect set of snacks that tickle your fancy and check all the right boxes, they will be your “go to” choice on the snack isle.

Vegans are especially grateful for a quick snack that delivers nutrition without the unwanted ingredients like meat and dairy.  The nature of the vegan lifestyle can seem daunting to newcomers and those who are interested in learning more.  With limited choices, many people will assume that vegans would become consumed with meal prep and limited choices for easy foods like snacks.   So, what do vegans eat when they want a quick tasty snack?  The answer is simple; a vegan bar.  Do you want to know a great resource that has the perfect grab and go vegan bars to buy?  Look no further than Deja Vegan.

Deja Vegan is the central hub for all things vegan snacks.  Vegan bars are no exception.  Whether you are seeking late night vegan snacks and vegan sweets, or you want to add a few extra calories to your healthy vegan lunch, Deja Vegan has got you covered.  When you get a sweet tooth craving, it’s best to have healthy food options available to avoid making poor choices.  Deja Vegan is a place that has the vegan essentials you need to know the best vegan snacks to buy.  These sumptuous bars can even double as the perfect vegan desserts!

First, let’s look at the Vegan Rob’s brand of kombucha vegan bars.  Vegan Rob’s believes in “wellness snacking” and delivers an array of vegan products.  Vegan Rob’s Kombucha Bars are a small package of utter goodness.  Do want to partake in all the benefits of kombucha while snacking on a delicious bar?  Vegan Rob’s Kombucha Bars are packed with probiotic goodness that can help stimulate your immune system, enhance energy, and provide the probiotics your gut needs.  The Kombucha Bars are non-GMO and gluten free.  These little vegan treats are healthy, wholesome, and kosher certified.   Unlike many other snack bars available, Vegan Rob’s Kombucha Bar has a list of easy to read ingredients that include organic green tea, organic quinoa, and organic pumpkin seeds.  Green tea has a plethora of benefits from improving brain function to lowering your risk of cancer.  Quinoa is high in fiber and has a low glycemic index, making it good for blood sugar control.  The omega-3 and omega-6 found in pumpkin seeds can benefit both the heart and liver.  These amazing vegan bars also contain six grams of protein and four grams of dietary fiber.  Who knew a vegan bar could be so good to eat and enjoy?  Choose from four great Kombuchabar flavors; Blueberry, Banana, dark cacao, and cranberry.Vegan Kombucha bar Blueberry 45g FrontBlueberry Kombuchabar- This delicious vegan bar has zero trans-fat.  The organic dried blueberry flavor will take you on a fruity ride that you won’t have to feel guilty about. 
Vegan Kombucha bar Banana 45g Front
Banana Kombuchabar- Organic banana chips combined with organic tapioca syrup to create the perfect vegan treat to tickle your taste buds.
Vegan Kombucha bar Dark Cacao 45g Front
Dark Cacao Kombuchabar- Did you know that dark cacao has many health benefits including skin protection from the sun and reducing heart disease risks?  Now you can curb your late-night chocolate craving with these delectable vegan treats with peace of mind.
Vegan Kombucha bar Cranberry 45g Front
Cranberry Kombuchabar- Paired with the probiotic power of kombucha, this cranberry vegan bar is an antioxidant super snack.  Enjoy the taste of organic dried cranberries with confidence in this nutritious snack.

B.O.S.S stands for Blended, Original, Superfood, Snacks, is a bran that is dedicated to provided simple yet powerful ingredients for an extraordinary taste.  The superfoods found in the ingredients can help fuel your day and double as vegan treats and energy bars.  Add the fact that B.O.S.S. never adds any refined sugar, wheat, soy or preservatives to their bars. These vegan bars are made with raw, comprehensible ingredients.  Eating raw foods helps to boost digestion and fight disease.  B.O.S.S. vegan bars are also certified gluten free by the Celiac Support Association.  This company’s vegan snacks are also certified Paleo by The Paleo Foundation.  This helps to ensure that these products are free of harmful chemicals, additives, and preservatives.  If you want to support a company that provides transparency with their ingredients and thoughtfulness in the products they create for both the consumer and the environment, make B.O.S.S. your choice for vegan products.  At Deja Vegan, there are three options of B.O.S.S bars to fit your mood available when you need to smile, think, or dazzle.
vegan boss bar
Smile Raw Superfood Bar- When you can eat a vegan bar that uses uplifting ingredients, your palette can savor the flavor inside and out.  Pumpkin seeds, organic bananas, organic cacao powder, and organic coconut nectar are only a few of the wonderful ingredients listed in this delightful bar.  Pumpkin seeds contain tryptophan, the amino acid that converts into serotonin, which helps you to relax and regulate mood.  Bananas contain the chemical dopamine, which helps to uplift your spirits.  Raw cacao will aid your body in the release of endorphins and have you feeling on top of the world.  Eating this happy goodness will make you glad you made the right vegan snack choice.
vegan bar blueberry walnut coconut oil
Think Raw Superfood Bar- Who knew that brain food could taste so sweet?  Stimulate your mind when you eat this marvelous energy bar.  Packed with the DHA and choline rich walnuts, this bar is sure to give your brain a boost.  The phytonutrients and polyphenols found in blueberries can help to improve cognitive function and protect the brain.  This bar not only stimulates your mind, but you gut as well by being an excellent daily source of dietary fiber.  Once you have a bite of this tasty bar, all you will “Think” about is wanting more.
boss vegan bar dazzle
Dazzle Raw Superfood Bar- Show the world your inner sparkle and be the best you can be with the help of the superfood ingredients found in this bar.  This vegan bar contains ingredients to help your hair, skin, and nails.  When you look your best, you can feel your best.  The Noni fruit powder in this bar is rich in essential amino acids your body needs.  The detoxifying effects from the Brazil nuts in this bar will help you rid your body of what you don’t need all while refueling with good ingredients your body needs. 

The final brand offered by Deja Vegan is none other than Jeca Bar.  With a strong belief in holistic nutrition, the energy bars from Jeca Bar are created to provide whole food indulgence.  Jecar Bar avoids artificial ingredients to deliver energy bars that give you more of what you need with a flavor you will want more of.  Submerge your taste buds with a plant-based vegan snack that contains zero trans-fat, contains natural ingredients, and is gluten free. Jeca Bar Matcha Seeds Energy Bar- Boost your metabolism and detoxify with the powerful benefits of Matcha.  Matcha also helps calm the body and relax the mind. A mix of seeds including pumpkin and flax help to round out a list of clear and concise ingredients you won’t have to Google to understand.  Grab a quiet corner to truly embrace all amazing effects of mindful eating with this delicious energy bar.Jeca Bar Coconut Curry Energy Bar- It is unlikely that you’ll find this unique match of flavors anywhere else.  If you love a snack with dimension and complexity, this is the energy bar for you.  Coconut flakes and agave marry to provide you with a sweet flavor that delivers the benefits of reducing the risk of heart disease and boosting your energy.  A blend of spices helps to bring the flavor full circle.Jeca Bar Almond Dates Energy Bar- This energy bar contains a limited amount of ingredients that deliver a classic mix of flavor.  Oats, almonds, dates, peanut butter, and agave is all it takes to get you hooked on these mouthwatering vegan sweets.  The Almond Dates Energy Bar gives you all you need to satisfy your energy bar needs.  Almonds are a great source of vitamin E, copper, and healthy protein.  Dates help to control cholesterol levels and will give you a sweet source of energy.

Armed with the knowledge of several vegan bars to choose from, Deja Vegan can come to the rescue when you are in need of a vegan bar.  The great thing about a bar is that you can have one any time of the day because of the convenience it provides to your vegan lifestyle.  The next time you have a snack attack, grab a vegan bar from Deja Vegan and be healthily satisfied!

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